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Does Gender Make a Difference in Performance Reviews?

No employee should ever discriminate against another employee on the basis of gender or consciously change performance reviews to suit men or women. Even without conscious discrimination, men and women may read and respond to performance reviews

Revamping Your Performance Reviews

Performance reviews should evolve with your company. In fact, it’s a good idea to change your performance review, even if your business model has remained the same. The business world is evolving with a new generation and

Evaluating an Employee with a Disability

More people with disabilities of all kinds are getting into the workforce, bringing with them innovation, but also challenges. One of these challenges is how to evaluate these employees fairly, especially if they have severe physical or

How Well-Constructed Performance Reviews Can Stop EEOC Complaints

Sometimes, employees blame their negative performance reviews on discrimination, leading to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints and legal battles. The EEOC has a duty to investigate and address all complaints filed, which can mean extended evaluations and

The Importance of Clarity in Performance Reviews

People thrive on feedback, but it has to be the right type to spark good results. It must be clear and relevant; if not, you’re wasting your employee’s time and your own. Tips for Clear Communication Performance

Negative Performance Reviews: How to Give and Receive Them

No one likes bad news. Whether you’re a manager who has to give a negative performance review or an employee who’s received one, being on either side of the issue is a horrible experience. While no strategy

The Pros and Cons of Forced Ranking

Forced ranking was once considered a promising assessment type. Although it’s no longer commonly practiced, it’s useful to know what it involves, as well as its benefits and problems. A History of Forced Ranking Forced ranking rates

Developing a Performance Review System

Performance reviews are an essential part of business, as they provide employee feedback and help determine raises and disciplinary actions. However, useful valuation systems seem few and far between. If your company’s assessments are no longer useful

Following Up on Your Performance Reviews

There are many ways to conduct reviews, but the most successful include follow-ups. These can feature several items, such as news on performance or progress on short-term goals. Whatever they entail, companies can rely on them to

Connecting Team Performance to Individual Ratings

Team performance is now a central part of many professions, though it’s rarely the only thing jobs depend on. Managers now have a difficult task in deciding how heavily teamwork should affect individual ratings and how much