The performance review and improvement process can be a beneficial way to improve employee performance, meet and set goals, and increase productivity. Can be. In surveys, employees and managers alike find the employee performance evaluation process cumbersome, time consuming, and more focused on HR paperwork than on practical performance improvement. Fortunately, there’s a better, and faster, way. is a performance evaluation tool that helps you quickly evaluate employees and provide professionally written performance review paragraphs for each of up to 30 different categories. Each category has rating paragraphs available for ratings from 1.0 to 5.0 in half step increments.


What does a 3.5 rating for Attitude sound like? Maybe something like this:

John goes the extra mile to put others at ease, fostering a comfortable and open work atmosphere. His attitude toward positive change is one of enthusiasm, and he consistently puts forth an effort to improve himself and his surroundings.

What if this doesn’t quite fit John? No problem! You can quickly refresh with a different paragraph for the rating. Perhaps this employee evaluation phrase would work better:

John is a go-getter in the office, expressing an attitude committed to progress.  He makes frequent suggestions to improve office practices, and has helped to develop new business strategies with success. One area of improvement for John is to ensure he brings the rest of the team along when he has new ideas. There are times when some team members don’t see the same thing John sees and helping them along will increase the attitude of the entire team.

After you generate a performance review paragraph, you can copy and paste it into your performance review tool or your Microsoft Word performance evaluation form. It couldn’t be any easier! is the fastest way to complete performance reviews. Your one-time subscription fee for the Standard or Professional Edition includes unlimited usage, with no expiration date, for as many performance reviews as you need to complete. If you’re managing 1 or 500 employees, you can use this tool to create professional performance evaluations.

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