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Letting Someone Go With Tact

Every manager wants to give his or her employees as many chances as possible, but sometimes consistently bad performance reviews mean you must let employees go. Terminating an employee is rarely an easy task, and it often

Signs It’s Time for a Self-Evaluation

Every manager not only has to evaluate employees, but evaluate him or herself. Self-evaluations can be difficult, exhausting, and downright annoying, because they force us to look honestly at our strengths and flaws. In addition to the

Can Creativity Be Evaluated?

Most companies have performance reviews that evaluate a few key areas, such as punctuality, sales numbers, client satisfaction, etc. But what do you do when creativity is a big part of your business? Can you evaluate employees

The Difference between “Hard” and “Soft” Skills in a Performance Evaluation

Within every job, there are hard and soft skills an employee must demonstrate. Hard skills generally refer to how an employee performs the job itself – for example, is an accountant able to analyze financial records and

Dealing With Overachieving Employees

On the other end of the spectrum from underperforming employees are the overachievers who won’t quit, even when they should. This can be anyone from an older employee on the verge of retirement to the eager new

Evaluating an Older Employee

Older, more experienced employees bring plenty to the table in any workplace, but evaluating them can be difficult. Aging may influence the quality of employees’ work for the better or worse, and it’s crucial to keep evaluations

Motivating Underperforming Employees

Any employee can become an underperformer at any time, for a variety of reasons. Your underperforming employee may be overwhelmed with responsibilities at home, burned out or bored with the job, or frustrated by office routines and

Time Management and Employee Evaluations

Many managers dread performance evaluations because they fear not getting them done efficiently or on time. This dread is a self-fulfilling prophecy in many ways, but it doesn’t have to be a hindrance. If both employers and

Handling Dissatisfaction With Performance Reviews

Performance reviews should be as objective and fair as possible. Yet sometimes, employees will be dissatisfied with part or all of their reviews, and organization leadership has to sift through the process to determine the validity of

Dealing With Difficult Employees

No matter how good at their jobs they are, some employees are simply difficult. It might be because of a personality clash, or maybe this person has certain habits you as a manager can’t stand. Attitude and