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Do Personality Types Influence Performance Reviews?

Employers should give work-based evaluations, not personality critiques. However, an employee’s personality type always influences workplace performance reviews to a certain extent. A personality trait a reviewer sees as positive or negative can then subtly influence a

How to Evaluate Technological Skills

Almost every field of employment relies on today’s technology in some way. This means more employees are being hired and evaluated based on their ability to handle certain technological programs and perform tech skills. Whether you work

5 Ways a Performance Review can Boost Employee Productivity

Dealing with the same employee mistakes over and over is frustrating, but if an employee makes the same mistakes regularly, he or she needs your help to improve. Unfortunately, approaching employees about consistent mistakes can be tricky

How Performance Reviews Can Reveal Who’s in Line for a Promotion

Employees deserve rewards for jobs well done, and one of the most popular rewards is a promotion. However, how do you know when an employee could benefit from a promotion, and when he or she might benefit

8 Tips for Evaluating Telework

Increasing numbers of today’s employees are working from home, which can make employee assessments more difficult. Instead of using your old standards of evaluation for telecommuters, use the opportunity to update your evaluation process for all employees.

Revamping Your Performance Rating System

Performance reviews are naturally difficult, and when you add numbered scales, they can become more so. Many employees will come to you asking why they got a high score in one area of their performance review and

What CEOs Can Learn From Teacher Evaluations

Most people are reviewed for their work performance at some point, but these reviews are especially important for teachers. Often, teachers are evaluated with a more critical eye than professionals in other occupations are, because they oversee

How to Give Constructive Criticism after a Performance Review

Most employers would never consciously use criticism in a destructive way. However, employees can be sensitive to criticism, especially in performance reviews. Performance reviews should contain meaningful feedback, but communication both during and after the reviews should

Revamping Your Performance Reviews

Performance reviews should evolve with your company. In fact, it’s a good idea to change your performance review, even if your business model has remained the same. The business world is evolving with a new generation and

The Importance of Clarity in Performance Reviews

People thrive on feedback, but it has to be the right type to spark good results. It must be clear and relevant; if not, you’re wasting your employee’s time and your own. Tips for Clear Communication Performance