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How to Schedule Performance Reviews

Is it time to schedule a performance review? Whether a business opts for anniversary or focal assessments, these are a key part of a manager’s duties and the company’s ongoing success. Anniversary Some enterprises evaluate their employees

Impartiality: The Importance of Avoiding Bias in Performance Reviews

Impartiality seems like a tall order, but performance reviews should always be aiming for as little bias as possible. At the minimum, partiality in a performance review means some employees aren’t getting the feedback they need. More

Assessing the Assessments: Which Performance Review Style Suits Your Company

Every company needs an assessment style that suits its needs. However, choosing one can be difficult. Every approach has its strengths and weaknesses. Deciding which is right for your company should be a matter of careful analysis,

Letting Employees In: Transparency in the Performance Review

The review process needs to be transparent if employees are expected to take it seriously. The standards should be clear going in, and the reviewer needs to be honest with the person being inspected. It’s far too

Weighing Factors in Performance Reviews

A company can put a lot of time and effort into finding and measuring what it needs to prosper – but that’s no guarantee of success. Performance reviews are a way to assess the day-to-day effort related

Incorporating Recognition and Rewards Into Management

Managers have the important duty of giving out recognition and rewards. While these concepts are related, they’re often confused. A reward is tangible, but recognition is often more valued by employees. They need both to excel –

After the Review: Ensuring Performance Reviews Effect Change

Change is the goal of a performance review. Far too often these assessments fail to make a difference because they’re forgotten as soon as the meeting concludes. Corporate life goes back to business as usual. With no

Types of Performance Reviews

Performance reviews can track the output of even the most diverse workforce. However, knowing which type of evaluation will yield the data you need can be a challenge. Could your enterprise benefit from one of the following