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Complete Your Employees’ Performance Reviews in a Fraction of the Time!

Yes, it really is this simple to complete employee evaluations!

When we tell you that the Performance Review Generator from is the quickest and simplest way to complete employee performance reviews, we mean it! Performance appraisals help develop your employees, improve organizational performance, and business planning. Yet these essential management tools take too much time. We have a solution: complete performance review templates.

You provide the employee’s name, gender, and rating for up to 30 categories and we provided a complete descriptive template for the employee. You can cut your performance review time investment to a fraction of what it normally takes and use these professionally written comments for each employee. Give the employees what they need: high quality feedback. Get back what you need: time to manage and coach your employees.

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  • One-time Purchase, Lifetime Access
  • Unlimited Performance Reviews
  • Works on Any Device
  • 30 Categories

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Created for the busy manager to invest time in coaching staff

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Professional review templates with rating in half-point increments

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Every topic covered for your employee evaluations

Just the right words to reduce your stress in difficult employee review situations

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Find the right words for the most challenging situations

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