Commenting on an employee’s performance is a difficult task that should not be taken lightly. Performance reviews are a necessary part of the performance of employees so that they are aware of their negative and positive qualities.

Any manager will confirm how difficult it is to write detailed and consistent reviews for employees, without sounding preachy and sanctimonious. Getting appropriate wording for the performance feedback can take time. That’s why these examples of performance review comments will help you in your evaluation process.


When you’re conducting a performance review, make sure that you use clear and unprejudiced language with the ultimate goal of achieving a positive outcome. Notice some statements below to give you an understanding of comments that can be taken positively and negatively.


  • Negative: Your work is poor – A quick to judge statement that can turn an employee off.
  • Positive: There were some errors reported in your recent work. I would like to understand why from you – Here you are giving the employee a chance to explain himself.


  • Negative: You think you’re smart – Try not to focus on the person, you need to focus on his performance
  • Positive: I see you are capable of doing better at your work – You show confidence in your employee


  • Negative: Don’t let this occur again – It’s a preachy and demanding statement
  • Positive: Can we prevent these errors in the future? – You’re showing faith in your employee and encouraging them to share their feedback

When you are discussing a performance evaluation, don’t use sentences that will send out the wrong message. Avoid too many negatives and personal remarks about the employee – after all you’re there to judge his work, not the person he is.

Performance Review Comments Examples

Some comments can really weaken employee morale and reduce their productivity in the workplace. If this happens, then the purpose of holding a performance review has been defeated. Your goal should be to shape the performance of the employee in an objective manner – stay away from emotional entanglements, angry statements and fear of clashes. Commenting on performance is a tough task, especially when there is a chance that the employee does not take it in good spirit.

If you’re a manager, you need to make sure you’re objective and consider all aspects of an employee’s performance – you cannot focus on only negative points or only positive points. Maintaining a balance is key to a successful performance review. You can refer to the following performance comments when conducting a review.


  • Positive Comments: These are relatively easy when you’re happy with your employee’s performance. It’s always a good idea to give credit where it’s due for a happier and healthier work environment.


  • Actively participates during team discussions
  • Interacts easily with colleagues and seniors
  • High level of confidence
  • Good listener
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Good Team Player
  • Highly enthusiastic individual
  • Positive under pressure
  • Wonderful time management skills to meet deadlines
  • Areas of Improvement: These should not be taken lightly as they may have a negative effect on the employee’s performance. Try to be diplomatic, while still trying to get your point across.
  • Can try to participate more often in team discussions
  • Scope to participate and interact with colleagues and seniors
  • Can work on improving confidence
  • Try to listen more to improve overall productivity
  • Opportunity to focus on work more effectively
  • Work more actively with the team to deliver better results
  • Opportunity to develop a better sense of enthusiasm to improve performance
  • Focus on absorbing pressure effectively
  • Work to manage time better

Performance reviews have become an important factor for most companies in their management duties. An appraisal will not be effective if the manager does not give an appropriate assessment of his employees. It is worse when the appraisal has a direct impact in reducing the overall productivity and performance due to a negative appraisal.

A performance appraisal is aimed at evaluating performance and highlighting improvement areas. The comments made in an employee review form can make a big difference to the morale of the employee. It will ensure the growth of an employee within the organization.