• Great self evaluation paragraph samples written to help you find success with your performance review.

    Simple Evaluation contains 450 self evaluation paragraphs in 30 different categories. Each category contains sample self evaluation paragraphs in Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations, and Below Expectations.

    You can write a self evaluation that shines with our pre-written self evaluation paragraphs. Impress your manager and move your career forward by saying the right thing on your performance review!

  • Over 1,100 performance review phrases to write effective performance evaluations!

    It's performance review time! Those words strike fear into the hearts of managers and employees alike. What do I say about this employee? How much time will it take to complete all of the HR paperwork? Will this really make a difference in my employee's job performance? The performance review process doesn't have to be painful. This book can help! Effective Performance Reviews contains 1,135 complete performance review sentences in over 20 categories to help you finish your employee’s performance reviews quickly and easily. If you're at a loss of words when writing an employee evaluation or if by the time the you're writing the seventh review you find yourself out of unique things to say, this book is for you. After purchasing the book, you'll receive an instant download link to a PDF copy of the ebook. You'll find great examples you can copy and paste directly into your performance management app.
  • Standard


    Writing performance reviews takes a lot of time.

    We all know how valuable employee performance evaluations can be for coaching and performance management. But writing the performance reviews is a big investment of time. Isn't there a better way? Job performance reviews are a crucial part of the employee performance management process: they help identify areas of improvement for employees, attitude and behavior modification, and aligning an individual's goals with the department and organization. Yet, managers and employees both dislike the process and find it time consuming and difficult. There has to be a better way. PerformanceReviews.net is the better way! We provide complete performance review template paragraphs - for the Standard edition, 21 categories (30 categories for the Professional edition). For a one-time cost, you can access these 21 categories with rating paragraphs for 10 rating levels for employees - a scale of 1.0 to 5.0, in half point increments. What does a 3.5 in Communications sound like? Now you'll know. Simply enter the employee's name, gender, and rating for each category and you'll be able to copy and paste each paragraph into your performance management system or Microsoft Word. There isn't a faster way to create professional, well thought out performance reviews for your employees. Try a demo to see how it easy it is! You are purchasing a single user license.
  • The FASTEST Way To Create Professional Performance Reviews

    The complete performance review template system containing pre-written evaluation paragraphs to use in your employee evaluations and reviews. The process only takes a few minutes, and the final outcomes are professional and polished performance reviews for your employees that will help them in the areas of:
    • Improving Employee Work Ethics
    • Adjusting Behavior Modification
    • Improving Overall Attitudes While At Work
    • Aligning Employees With Proper Department Goals
    • All the above plus more!
    In the Professional Edition, you receive access to 30 categories of pre-written performance review template paragraphs.
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